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NAVY BLUE glitter tulle -6" x 10 yard and 6" x 25yard rolls - other colors and sizes also available

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This is the sparkliest tulle I've been able to find. I love it and use it in all my craft projects and orders where that extra sparkle is needed. It holds it shape and resists wrinkling when draped, which is necessary when making tutus and other pieces of clothing. *** it will leave glitter behind ***

Tulle netting is made from nylon fibers and is flexible, resilient and very easy to work with. Whether it's used for decorations, crafts or clothing, this tulle is a favorite.

Use it for decorative accents to your formal event. Rolls of this lightweight mesh fabric can be draped on walls or added to centerpieces to help transform any room in into a place for the best celebrations.

Tulle is available in multiple lengths of 6" wide, along with a few other widths in certain styles of tulle. If you just need a little bit for a tiny project or if you need 10 - 100 yard rolls, we can do it.

Regular tulle in 6"x25yd and 6"x100yd rolls are standard, and I have just about all colors in stock.
If you need more than 3-4 rolls, I will have to order them and it takes about 2 days to get.
Regular tulle in 12" x 25yd and 18" x 25yd rolls are special orders, and will be ordered when I process
your order, so please allow an extra few days to finalize your order.

Glitter tulle is available in 6" x 10 yard rolls and 6" x 25 yard rolls, along with smaller pieces. Usually all glitter tulle is special order. I do try to carry at least 1 roll of each color in stock.

All other tulle (glitter, zebra stripes, polka dots, etc) is also special order, if needing more than a couple rolls of a certain color. These supply orders are placed twice a week on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours, unless it is a specialty tulle (glitter, shimmer, polka dots, etc) or more than 2-3 rolls of one color. I place specialty tulle orders twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

I will do discounts on bulk orders

If you have any questions please ask away